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October 2017

Dear Traveling Friends,

It has been such a wonderful year getting to know new traveling friends and seeing those that continue to travel with Heritage Tours. I truly feel blessed! I try to personally escort most of our tours. I am committed to making sure that you are having a good time and that things run smoothly, to the best of my ability. My commitment is to make each tour interesting, educational, but most of all, enjoyable. 

On the tour, I want to include as much for you as I comfortably can. You may notice that our prices are very competitive with other companies. I encourage you to compare what you are getting!  

You, our repeat travelers are our best witnesses. I want to thank you for the many referrals you have given us. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and I’m very appreciative that you would take the time to send people our way. 

Carol continues to do a wonderful job managing the office at Heritage Tours. Many of you have spoken with Carol on the phone. I’m confident the office and those calling in are well taken care of while I’m on tour. 

As you look through the 2018 tours, I hope you will find a tour (or two, or more ☺) that interests you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or stop by. We want you, as our traveler, to be well informed about YOUR tour. 

Looking forward to experiencing many parts of our great nation with you in 2018!


Angie Bozeman
Owner and Operator of Heritage Tours


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